Software Package for Data Exploration, Univariate Analysis, Multivariate Analysis and Time Series Analysis.

Current version: 2.7.4 (December 2013)

The statistical package Brodgar allows the user to carry out a large range of statistical techniques in a Click-and-Go style. The package has an interface to R but also contains a couple of statistical methods not available in R (e.g. dynamic factor analysis, MAFA). Brodgar is being used for classroom teaching and scientific papers.

The following techniques are available in Brodgar

Books by Highland Statistics.

The books Analyzing Ecological Data, Mixed Effects Models and Extensions with R, and the bestseller A Beginner's Guide to R have all received positive reviews. A Beginner's Guide to R has been translated in Japanese and Chinese.

Analysing Ecological Data   Mixed effects modelling and extensions in R   Beginner's Guide to R  

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Brodgar compliance statement on R GNU license

The software package R is distributed under the GNU general public license. Brodgar, which is not distributed under the GNU license, creates ascii files containing R script commands which are sourced into the binary version of R (using the BATCH mode). Although Brodgar is linked to R, it does not contain it. The user will need to (i) download a compiled version of R, (ii) install it and (iii) tell Brodgar where it can find R. Hence, R and Brodgar are two different packages (Brodgar is the shell and R the compiler) which are an arm length apart.  As a consequence, Brodgar complies with the GNU license. See for details. As an extra service, Brodgar's own R library files are freely available in the Brodgar installation directory (also in the online evaluation version). The interested user can modify and extend these library files, although faulty modifications affect your warrantee. Brodgar also contains a considerable number of techniques (50%) which do not make use of R. The R libraries gam and mvpart are distributed under the GPL license as well, and the vioplot library under BSD. Therefore, the same holds for these libraries.