Software Package for Data Exploration, Univariate Analysis, Multivariate Analysis and Time Series Analysis

Current Brodgar version: 2.7.5 (March 2017)

The statistical package Brodgar allows the user to carry out a range of statistical techniques in a Click-and-Go style. The package has an interface to R but also contains a couple of statistical methods not available in R, e.g. dynamic factor analysis, MAFA, chronological clustering.

The following techniques are available in Brodgar

  • Data exploration: Boxplots, (multi-panel) Cleveland dotplots, (multi-panel) histograms, (multi-panel) scatterplots, pairplots, design and interaction plots.
  • Univariate analysis: Regression, GLM, GAM, mixed modelling, GLS, univariate regression trees. Power analysis
  • Multivariate analysis: Principal component analysis, correspondence analysis, redundancy analysis, canonical correspondence analysis, MDS, NMDS, ANOSIM, Mantel test, clustering techniques.
  • Time series techniques: Dynamic factor analysis, MAFA, chronological clustering, auto-correlation functions.